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    Grön Skincare

    Grön Skincare


    S A L E  N O W  O N!

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    VITALISING BODY LOTIONS • 200MG  Revive packs a lot of moisturising and nourishing ingredients into a convenient daily body lotion. A robust mixture of plant stem cells and fermented seaweed promote collagen production to give skin a smoother and firmer...

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    EMPOWERING BODY BALM • 200MG  Relieve is a simple combination of six natural ingredients with the aim of hydrating and soothing anywhere you need comfort. Cocoa butter and plant oils allow for smooth application while peppermint oil opens the pores...

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    TIME-REVERSING FACE & NECK CREAM • 150MG  Renew utilises a potent formulation that pairs hemp with natural, hydrating ingredients to smooth wrinkles and brighten skin where you need it most. Hyaluronic acid and peptides work to retain moisture and plump...

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    BRIGHTER MORNINGS EYE CREAM • 75MG  Restore brings together a gentle yet powerful blend of ingredients that de-puff and brighten the delicate under-eye area. Our own formulation of peptides, antioxidants, and plant oils reduce the look of fine lines and...

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    ADAPTABLE HAIR MASK • 150MG  Repair’s unparalleled versatility is the result of a thoughtful mix of restorative and protective ingredients. Cocoa and shea butters moisturize brittle hair while our own blend of amino acids promote cell regeneration, resulting in soft,...

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    On Sale £56.99 £36.99

    AWAKENING CLAY MASK • 240MG  Rejuvenate combines the anti-inflammatory powers of hemp with the moisture balancing properties of clay to produce a truly spa-like experience. Our organic hemp extract, cucumber, and seaweed soothes the skin and help reduce redness and...

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